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The Adventure Of A Lifetime !

There are a number of zipline tours out there. So what makes Ziplinemax so different The pure rush! You will soar over some of the most amazing scenery in the world . The views are alive and the feel of flying over top of the dense , lush landscape of Phuket Province will transport you to another dimension. Far more beautiful than even pictures can show, the area truly provides you with memories that will live in your mind forever.

Your Gateway to Excitement

With 20 incredible platforms, we offer you the ability to do more than you ever thought possible. Our longest cable is 600 meters, which means you get to experience a more than one hour thrill ride as you soar over trees and mountains. And with a total of 11 cable lines, the fun and adventure are nonstop. Unlike many other zipline companies, our courses allow you to experience the rush upside down. Watch the incredible views steam by as you soar inverted high above the world below. The Ziplinemax experience is fast fierce and downright exhilarating. Not to mention we are firmly invested in the safety of our guests. With the bulk of our equipment coming from PETZL a premier French based manufacturer of innovative outdoor gear you can be assured in the security of your adventure. And we always offer pre-course training from our highly skilled and experienced staff members available in English and Chinese .

It’s More than Just Ziplines

We are about an all-out, adrenaline-filled, blood-pumping outdoor experience. Featuring 2 sky bridges, 2 ladders and 3 abseilings. Ziplinemax offers you so many opportunities to see what you’re made of. Our guests keep coming back time and time again, as they never run out of ways to push the limits. Book one of our tours today and undertake the adventure of a lifetime. Swooping, soaring and flying you will be amazed at what you can do!

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